Your Referral Journey to Royston Dental Care

We are a state of the art dental practice that is committed to providing excellence in the fields of Dentistry

 Thank you for choosing Royston Dental Care for your specialist dental needs.

We are a state of the art dental referral centre that is Royston Dental Care excellence in the field of dentistry.

Just like your GP may refer you to a specialist (e.g. Cardiologist, Orthopaedic surgeon or Neurologist), your dentist may recommend a dental specialist for further advice and/or treatment. Following the referral, our team works very closely with your dentist until your treatment is completed.

Our treatments are carried out by experienced practitioners within their fields, including renowned specialists and consultants in dentistry, to ensure we provide you with the highest level of care.

All our specialists are involved in research, training and teaching dentists and dental care professionals (nurses, hygienists and therapists) in the industry. Our centre is equipped with state of the art technology including a cone beam CT scanner (Morita), Digital Microscopy (Global A6) and a training centre which hosts regular study clubs for dentists, hygienists and therapists.

We are proud to have an outstanding record of successfully treating and caring for our patients. Currently, over 200 dental practices refer to us. Our greatest reward is providing our patients with the self-confidence and comfort healthy teeth can bring.

We look forward to welcoming you to the practice.

Your Referral Journey

Step 1

Your dentist sends us a referral letter (by post / online) with any recent x-rays and an outline of treatment to be carried out.

Step 2

We contact you, using the details provided, on the same day we receive the referral.
We also acknowledge receipt of the referral by writing to your dentist.

Step 3

Our team arrange a mutually convenient time and book your consultation.
Please note, we collect the consultation fee at the time of booking your appointment.

Step 4

At the consultation appointment, you are greeted warmly by our welcoming staff. A full clinical assessment is carried out. This includes all necessary tests, intra-oral (small) x-rays, intra-oral photos, details of treatment, cost options and a written estimate in detail

Step 5

A consultation report is sent to you and your dentist, with full details of the findings including what treatment is required.

Step 6

We undertake any necessary treatment and ensure we provide you with the highest possible standard of care. During the course of your treatment, we encourage you to continue seeing your dentist for your regular checks ups.

Step 7

On completion of your treatment, we write back to you and your dentist summarising and detailing the specialist dental care you have received.

Step 8

If required, we continue to monitor you on an annual basis to review the outcome of your care.
This is on a case-by-case basis and is discussed with you during your treatment.

Step 9

We look forward to receiving your comments (and compliments!) Please feel free to share your experience with ourselves and others, online, in writing and in person. We are a referral-based specialist dental practice built on the recommendations of people like yourself. We continually strive to improve our service and welcome your feedback.

Referrals to us

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Why patients choose us

1. Patient-focused 


Enjoy personalized detail and attention throughout your treatment.

2. Our Dentists


Renowned dental specialists, consultants and general practitioners under one roof whom all have years of experience.

3. Our Team


You will be looked after by our experienced, friendly and professional team

4. State of the Art 


Including Microscopes, photography and digital dentistry.

5. Evidence Based 


Utilising the most up to date findings from dental research.

6. Functional Result


Focusing on your dental health looking at health and aesthetics to give you an individual and confident smile.

7. Highest Standard


Fully compliant with all UK regulations.

8.Education Support


Regular study clubs for dentists, hygienists, therapists and lab technicians, thereby supporting and helping local dentists.


Thank you for choosing Royston Dental Care. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our practice and if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us where one of our friendly team members will be on hand to help

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