This is an extract from our SOP which can be found here in full. We encourage you to read this document in detail. 

The following changes will be introduced into the diary management system for RDC from 8th June 2020 which will be our first “soft opening” day after lockdown:

  • The diaries for the surgeries will commence with 15 minutes staggered start times at the beginning of the appointment. This is to ensure that patients arriving for dental appointments can be greeted in isolation without other patients also being present.

  • All minimally aerosol generating procedures as listed below will have an additional 15 minutes buffer period introduced after the appointment. This will cover the following procedures and there will be no charge for this additional 15 minutes of time:

    • dental consultations and examinations

    • removal of sutures

    • fitting of  removable  dental  appliances  such  as  whitening  trays, occlusal deprogramming  devices, fitting  of  orthodontic  retainers  and  dentures

  • All other procedures including hygiene visits and all operative dental procedures will have an additional 60minutes buffer period introduced after the

  • Whilst we will not be charging additional fees for the donning and doffing times, RDC will need to introduce a surcharge for the PPE that we need to invest in for the safety of our patients and staff. The table below outlines the additional charges, per visit. We will encourage, where possible, to have longer appointments to have treatments done in one visit to reduce the number of surcharges you will incur.